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14 August 2008 @ 05:35 pm
He totally does. His Joker blew my mind instantly, imho he stole the show from Batman and I'm gonna see the movie again, because really, Heath was great there.
Well...I can't help saying that, man, the nurse costume was the best disguise ever!
30 July 2008 @ 07:14 pm
I've been reading Wikipedia, the article about Chuck Palahniuk, and it led me to Wikiquote pretty soon. I dunno why I hadn't checked it out earlier, coz, Jesus, Chuck is pure genius, really. Every time I read any of his books I can feel how it's fucking my brain, completely mind-blowing experience. Not am I just impressed with his style, characterizations or situations he describes, but what is totally outstanding is that he reveals such intimate ideas...sometimes you can recognize your own thoughts in lines of his novels. The thoughts you tried to hide, the ones you wouldn't like to admit. And at the same time he can be so sarcastic, he reminds me of Dr.House then, but still Chuck (or his characters may be) has the guts to declare the lack of love, regardless all his bitter and confusing words.
Now I wanna get all his books in English, oh, and I can't wait to see "Choke" though I doubt I'll have a chance to watch it in our cinema, which is disappointing.
Anyway, here are some quotations from Palahniuk's books I like:

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01 June 2008 @ 09:45 pm
It’s fine to be drunk.
It’s even fun to be drunk…
I mean, if you know your limits it’s so cool to enjoy yourself while you’re talking complete nonsense and just don’t care about people around..
Oops, just got text-message from my groupmate about Jared fucking Leto inviting `his Russian brothers and sisters`… omg this is embarrassing..,this shit sux but i’m gonna find out when this stupid award is gonna be on tv anywaaay…
I’m not wasted, i’m almost sooober..
And I REALLY don’t understand why GM food is bad o_O what’s wrong with it??
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24 October 2007 @ 06:51 pm
I feel like I haven’t written here for years so..here I am, yes.

Today I gained a proof (not the first and not the last, I guess) of my being such a dumbass! The story is.. I kinda teach my step-sister English, she is the 5th grade so we are repeating pronouns, present simple and other easy stuff. I haven’t been visited my father for years (really) and I just didn’t care about him, his family, whatever related to him, though we didn’t have bad relations (and we still don’t, sure). But being pragmatic person I am (or just having some jewish roots according to my mom, though I don’t have any relatives who are jews) I couldn’t refuse a chance to earn some money))
That’s why today I was going to my father’s place not the first time in my life, of course, but the first time right after my university. And I didn’t know how I could get there from the university. I looked at a map of my town which was installed on my computer and found out that I can take a bus #69. In fact I was waiting for it for 15 minutes and then gave up and decided to go and to take a tram though I wasn’t sure about its number. When I reached a tram-stop I saw a tram #4 and thought “Won’t I get where I need if I take it?”. I skipped it anyway. Stupid I am. Then I went like..nowhere.. I knew there should have been a road and a tram I needed so I was walking and walking and walking trough a lot of unfamiliar boroughs. Then I finally saw a road but there were no rails! But I crossed it and there was another kinda torrent, without any concrete, road because there was a borough where people who own little houses and a piece of ground (I don’t know how to say it in english) live. It had been snowing today then the snow melted and there was dirt and puddles everywhere! The problem was that I couldn’t see if there was another road coz there was a pretty big hill in front of me. But I started walking up there and it was awful. I was cold, I had no gloves, there were some suspicious people looking like hobos and when I almost reached the end of that road which started to seem quite deserted I heard such a load sound of siren next to me, it scared the shit out of me, I swear! But I said I was stupid, right? It was just the beginning of “Liar, Liar (Burn in Hell)” in my headphones xD After that I was walking grinning like an idiot for some time))
When I finally got to the road I was looking for I found that I didn’t need any vehicle cuz I could see the building my dad’s flat was in. The funny thing was that I came on time! But my boots looked pretty crappy after that terrible trip, it sucked.
Yeah, and when I asked my step-sister how she gets home after school she was like “A tram #4, you know..” and was like “Aargh..” I really amused with myself, I mean, how could I get lost in our town?? Yes, I haven’t got lost but I thought I did while walking up that creepy road…*sighs*
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15 July 2007 @ 08:03 pm
I didn't know where I should write this, so I chose lj.
Though I don’t know what exactly I wanna say. As always.
I’m a little fucked up or just tired. I want to receive letters, I miss it so much. I really appreciate those lines I can read but..shit I feel like drug-addicted without downers or whatever. Actually I’ve found something, it’s like xanax for a person suffering from insomnia I guess. Though it doesn’t work totally that way.
Three nights are nine pages in fucking Word. That makes me even happy. The thing that makes me even happier is that tonight I’m finishing that stuff. My poor brain is free.
I wish today was tomorrow.
Probably it sounds like bullshit. It really does. I know I have some problems with representing my thoughts that’s why I don’t give a shit about posts in my diaries but speaking about writing thing it hurts. Because the only thing I care is my own opinion so if I share something with somebody that means I am satisfied with it. I am now with what I have by the moment. The point is I must remember all the words I have in my vocabulary to write a line, memorize all the synonyms and choose appropriate ones. Sometimes it’s a little bit hard cuz I am so slow-minded at nights. But I think it’s ok. I always think so, I’m fucking optimist, yeah.
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05 June 2007 @ 09:50 pm
well I’m at home finally))
I was going to post here earlier but I had no time coz I had to go to "lingua club" and I was supposed to sit for a test. so today I had my last class there in this term at least! and I’ve been given a document which certifies that I *attended the full course of English as a foreign language blah-blah-blah at Intermediate level* and my teacher said that he would recommend me for Upper Intermediate level next term, I’m happy haha ))

besides today i bought new Rolling Stone just because there is *My Chemical Romance* on the cover, I mean not the photo only words which mean that there is something about them inside . Anyway there is nothing interesting. like Gerard talking about emo, fans, skulls and some stuff..well for me it looks like they decided to make an article just because MCR has shows in Russia. Ha-ha, there was even OLD picture of them! shame on RS, really. Whatever, despite it magazine is pretty interesting so i didn't regret ))
and you know it's a little hilarious that when i finally found Teenagers-video on youtube.com i started to read comments, wow.. discussion about the video and changing of the band turned into argument about if he IS engaged or NOT. i mean. it IS ridiculous but funny nevertheless! the question is why do I give a shit? coz i shouldn't. ok, then. i WILL care if somebody from the band gets engaged to his bandmate =)
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28 May 2007 @ 10:08 pm
you know, i'm interested why people have diaries, i mean on-line diaries, all these lj's and so on..
coz actually even if you say *i'm gonna talk to myself* you keep in your mind that somebody can read it as well. you can have account that is readable for everyone, or friends only, it doesn't really matter, you just write something..for other people i guess. but why?? yes, i have a diary either, honestly speaking i have..let's count.. ok, i have 5 diaries by now. and i can't answer what's the point of it.
it's not necessery, at least, if i wanted to write my thoughts down i could do it by having real paper-diary, some copy book or whatever.
well, recently i bought such copy book wanting it to be kinda journal, guess what? it's still blank.
and i buy sketch-books, wanting to draw.i buy crayons wanting to draw.. sure i don't draw. i used my crayons twice. that's it.
though i draw some *pictures* while a lecture is going on, i draw crappy comics with my groupmate, but probably it's not what i would like to do..
anyway, i can say i have no time, though i have it.
so i prefer watching South Park to drawing right now. but sometimes i dream of my vacations, having much more time for everything, oh yeah, sweet dreams which will come true, hopefully!

and couple of words about that cartoon!
may be it's some kind of fangirl-moment, i dunno, whatever, i wanna say i love Kenny! i loved him a lot untill "the writers killed him off permanently in the fith season" , then i thought he wouldn't be back, so i started to love Butters :D So i love Kenny because he is cute and i i enjoy his parka, i love Butters because he "has a warm personality, and is considered one of the sweetest, most innocent, and most gullible characters on the show"..well, then Kenny had returned and i can't make a decision who i love most, hehe *lol* omg it's something )))
oh! and i also like that boy, i can't say clearly, semms like his name is Tweek or..yes Tweek)) he is so caffeine-addicted *lol*
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22 May 2007 @ 05:40 pm
well, i haven't posted here for a long time, may be now is an appropriate moment to do it..
today i'm going to miss my english class (in lingua club) though i've done my homework and wrote a lot of sentences like this: i wish i had a hampster but my mom doesn't like such animals. Ha-ha, i really do want to have a hampster! actually i want to have a polecat but it's so fucking expensive in my opinion, at least because he can die after i buy him, so it can be waste of money....i thought right now that for the same money i can buy one polecat or probably thousand of hampsters!
ok, so i wanted to say that i won't go in lingua club coz mama said it's not worth doing coz there's very cold outside and besides i have to sit for my exams and credits and so on.
yes, she is right.
that's why i'm reading some fics and then i'll be watching south park or "Alpha dog" where Justin Timberlake was starring.
erm.. i'm not ashamed as long as fics i read are in english and i can say i' sitting for my english exam reading them!
honestly speaking i don't think this exam is worth preparing, really *rolls eyes*
10 February 2007 @ 08:46 pm
probably it's time for..er..for a new post, yeah.
after such long (in my opinion) rest i should write anything. i've already made a few posts in my other diaries and now i have this one for posting..and actually one more but it can wait)) seems like i find some pleasure in making posts. Inspite of the fact i guess some part of them is pessimistic enough it doesn't suck, it's little piece of reality. may be even the best piece of it in some way.
ok, my news are: my tattoo is getting better day by day! the lowest hieroglyph is closed and i think other two is getting closed too so i can go to have a correction pretty soon. Jesus, i'm happy! the only thing sucks - i must make a lot of effort to see them because of place where they are)) but sure i can manage, yeah..
what else? ah, actually i was gonna tell something earlier but i had problems with my phone and the internet so i can't have put a post here though i saved it in *word* i changed my mind and deleted it after the phone had been fixed. ha, i don't even remember what it was about..///
i have a lot of free time but i don't value it i understood it when we were discussing topic called *time* in *Lingua Club*
today i found some commercial of Hugo Boss and sure downloaded it but i learned that ad is not the same as that was run on russian tv so..i'm a little pissed off though i liked the ad very much
if you're interested in, here it is:
there was also commercial for *pure purple* but i can't find it now, sorry!
coming back to topic (i'm talkative tonight, huh?) i wanna say that i haven't done anything useful but some things connected to my kinda scientific work. i just was watching films..during this week and you know, a year ago i dreamed of it! isn't it nice when people or sometimes it's not people but circumstances that makes your little dreams come true?
i'm not sure that you're reading it now but anyway, thank you again, baby )
well..i think it's enough for today)

19 January 2007 @ 01:51 pm
isn't it stupid - you have diary in english while your native language is russian?
besides you have a talk here with yourself..
am i going crazy?..